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Raising Money for Two more Libraries

Give the gift of literacy – One Library at a Time.

Literacy is the base of education, so by providing books and promoting reading, you can change the future of a child’s education.

One Library at a Time is a non-profit organization that establishes libraries in underdeveloped communities or communities in need.  We collaborate with the teachers and community leaders to determine which books the children need most. We then purchase those books, preferably locally to help the economy, and begin to turn books and shelves into a library.


We label and catalog all of the books using the Dewey Decimal System. We then train a local resident, and sometimes older children, to be librarians and continue the work of labeling, cataloging and checking the books out to the children.  One of the important things we strive to do is to get the local community involved to continue to “feed” the library with books after we are gone.

We have started a fundraiser is to support a trip back to the Bocas district in Panama to establish 2 new libraries while partnering with local peace corp volunteers.  The first $3000 will cover supplies, travel, and the first library.  The second $1500 will cover the second library.  Additional funds will be used to fund a trip back to the libraries we have established on Isla Bastimentos to bring new books to help their libraries grow.   If there is any money left over after this it will roll over and help fund the next library we work with.  We have a long list of sites that have requested we come.

Nursery (before)

*Currently, Amy and myself are scheduled to take this trip.  I have been with the organization from the very beginning and take care of the website and social media.  I have also gone on multiple trips and wrote the SRP we use in every single library.  Amy is a new volunteer that is also helping us with our marketing needs and other volunteering opportunities.  She also speaks fluent Spanish and will be helping us with translating.

FullSizeRender (5)

As a professional photographer and videographer, I will also be volunteering my expertise during this trip to help share what we do with our donors.

To donate Please visit our fundraiser here or click any of the yellow donate buttons found on the website to donate directly through Paypal.

This video was taken on my first day at the Santa Elena, Belize School where we created a library in 2015.

When this library in Santa Elena was complete, the children sang their national anthem for us.

*The volunteers that go on the trip could change depending on circumstances and scheduling,