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I am still in Panama but I am now with an incredible, energetic group from Asbury United Methodist Church from Lafayette, Louisiana. Vicki, the leader allowed my daughter Katheryn and I to join them on their annual mission trip. There are 10 of us. Four men are working construction. Four women are working on a program for the children and Kathryn and I are working on a library with Mari and her daughter that live in the community. Everyone in the group is flexible and helpful moving from task to task helping each other out.
Today was our first day working with the new librarians. I am surprised by how quickly they have caught on to the Dewey Decimal System. Our booklet “How to Build a Library One Library at a Time” came in very helpful today. I also have discovered that my daughter Kathryn can speak Spanish quite well. Who Knew!!
The first part of the morning we spent separating the books into fiction and non fiction and figuring out what number in the Dewey System the non fiction books fall under! Once we got that task accomplished we were off and running cataloging and labeling books.
They are working hard on the library space. Our hope is that it will be ready for the dedication on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed.