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While Paige was in Belize Susanna Dancy and I went to Panama. Our flight was delayed which put us a day behind. We basically flew in, got a hotel room and went to sleep. Our alarm woke us a 4:45 so we could go to the bus station and get the first bus out to San Felix where we would meet with Peace Corp worker, Rachel Connor. We grabbed a cab and all our luggage and literally arrived in time to purchase tickets and get on the bus for the seven and a half hour bus ride. Usually the buses are Freezing Cold but this one was quite comfortable. When we arrived one of the Peace Corp volunteers was at the store and saw two confused looking American women get off the bus. We all grabbed a taxi and were off to stay at the Peace Corp house!
Rachel and the other volunteers greeted us with open arms. We worked on a few things and then it was time to prepare dinner and get some sleep!