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On Sunday we left Bocas for a 4 hr + bus ride to David where we would buy books for the Cananzas Library. We (Susan Wilson and Susan Aldrich) rode for about two hours when we made a brief stop at Cananzas to leave our suitcases full of books and clothing with Krystie Guy, the Peace Corp Volunteer and our hostess for the time in Canazas. The bus stopped briefly while we unloaded and said hello before we continued with only our backpacks to David. It was the first time we actually met Krystie. I (Susan Aldich) had been in conversation with her via email for about 9 months. We were all glad to get the show on the road and create a library in the town of Canazas, a Ngobe indian town.

We arrived safely in David where we had a air conditioned hotel room waiting for us in the same little strip mall where we were to meet the people from Canazas and start buying books.

That evening we were able to meet up with Yamal Gonzales who helped me with my first library there in David. It was wonderful to see here and catchup on the news of the libraries. She also brought about 50 books she and her children had collected for the new library. What a great friend to One Library!

Victoria, the 5th grade teacher, Marlena the soon to be librarian and Krystie started on the road to meet us at 10 the next day to begin  our day of shopping for books for the library. We also purchased food for the week we would be spending off grid in Krystie’s house.

While we were shopping for books at the Daisy bookstore  Susan W. bought fresh vegggies from the street vendors. We ended up going to 4 bookstores and 2 grocery stores.

We were all exhausted as we headed back for 2 1/2 hours to Canazas.

Krysie had an extra room in her house for us to sleep. We had no air conditioning. We shared a bathroom with the neighbors. It had a toilet and a shower but the water came not from a showerhead but from a barrel. We dipped a construction hat in the barrel and poured it over ourselves to bathe. It is amazing how little you need to get clean or how wonderful the cold water feels when you have spent the day perspiring in the heat!