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So many wonderful things have happened since I last blogged. Randolph Road Middle School Ambassadors Club held a fund raiser for Haiti and raised over $7,000! They raised the money by hosting a field day. The students paid five dollars to get out of class for an hour. During that hour they could purchase candy and water with the profits going to One Library.
They also could purchase a piece of duct tape to tape a teacher to the goal post. The teacher started out standing on a chair. After they were fully taped, the chair was removed. The result being them hanging attached to the pole. After a bit they replaced the chair and cut the teacher down. It was great fun!
Another activity involved purchasing a pie and throwing it at a teacher. Needless to say this was very popular.
They also had some free activities. One activity involved racing while carrying 2 gallons of water. The point was to give them an idea of what people all over the world have to do to get water. They don’t just turn on a tap like we do but have to collect the water and carry it home.
The final event was decorating book marks to take to the students in Haiti. I also got blank book marks that I will have the students in Haiti decorate for the students in Charlotte. It is a wonderful way to connecst.
Thank you Ambassadors Club.

Another fun(d)raiser was a wine tasting and book signing for book clubs. Thanks to the board of One Library and our authors, Ed Williams, Kevin Jones, and Kathie Collins the sale of their books alone raised $300.00 Anne Trenning arrived with free cds for everyone from her new cd. Dean and Deluca of Phillips Place did an outstanding job of providing wine tasting and food. Suarez Bakery provided wonderful desserts. Others provided items for raffling and I will have to tell you about them later because I am sitting in the airport in Miami on my way to Panama!
Before I end this post I want to send a big thank you to Marie Louise Ndebi Schubert for all she did to make the party a success. I will blog later from Panama!