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The first few days are about teaching the reason for the Dewey Decimal System and teaching how to catalog a book. And, equally important is creating friendship and respect for one another as we work together to turn a pile of books into a functioning library. Marella was amazing. She caught on very quickly to the system and soon felt confident making decisions about what number a non fiction book should fall under.

We make 2 cards for each book, label each book, and then begin shelving. We were working in a space with 3 walls, a table, a shelf and 4 chairs. We had students working with us as well. Krystie did not help with the books at first. She was busy painting the room that would become the library a lovely shade of blue. Then she painted clouds on the walls. We also had a few educational posters and most helpful… a world map! It became a lovely space.

There were 351 books in the library. This did not include the basket of 40 board books placed in a basket by the door. These books could be read at any time and did not require supervision from the librarian. There were 4 shelves, fiction, non fiction, English (just a few) and teacher resources. It was a great space and they could utilize the space we worked in for reading!