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Haiti Days

Children came to the door wanting to look at books. By the second day they knew what we were up to. The director of the school Senor La Mot said people in the community were approaching him wanting to send there children to his school because he had the only library outside of Port-au-Prince! We had 2 teachers, the assistant director and 3 of the older children working on the library. They created the labels for the books, the cards the card catalogs and they filed them all.It was a new experience for them to create an organizational system. I had translators with me. One of the translators wants to be a doctor and open a clinic in the small community where he grew up. He thanked me for teaching him the Dewey Decimal System and said “The system of organization could apply to my medicines and supplies. Then I would be able to find what I needed quickly and easily.” It is so gratifying when someone realizes other applications for logical and systematic systems.

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Haiti is a harsh country. The children and teachers had no knowledge of all the stories we take for granted like Cinderella and Peter Pan. They had very little to work with but the teachers and students were dedicated...